The World Behind My Eyes
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Federico Hurtado. Nos tienen miedo porque no tenemos miedo, 2011.


Federico Hurtado. Nos tienen miedo porque no tenemos miedo, 2011.

Monsters I’ve Created

Monsters I’ve Created

I looked in my own future,
and didn’t see you there; 
I didn’t put you there, 
and took every opportunity to leave;
I am that way.

I’m content with my present, 
a present I’ve created; 
I don’t love it, 
and I believe I deserve better than it; 
I can’t see very well for I manage and compensate, 
a future with pieces of my present makes me ever irate.

A present where I gift away everything,
knowing I’ll keep getting; 
A gift I’ve used against everyone, 
taking from them pieces for my stringing;
What am to do with these gifts, 
am I not to play? 
I can’t recall not teaching myself, 
not once was I taught to play; 
Oh how do I remember my fathers and mothers of yesterday.

I remember memories fondly, 
I do very much by choice;
Many so differently,
Like I never myself, saw a star or was;
Many others where not who there are,
So different they are;
I must have dreamt it all,
I just choose never to fall;
Every day was a mountain, 
Today I love walking.

So what of my tomorrows?
With my nightmares and sorrows,
And my dreamy way, 
of thinking of a past un-lived;
I was always loved, 
I didn’t live much horrow.

I figure I’d love to tell some my stories,
Wife and children will do;
I wish to meet more love,
Much more than I anyone is due;
I’ll dress my skeletons, 
parade for a world to see;
So I won’t have to worry of closets,
For It may all be but a dream to me.

Hmm… Marriage


Let’s talk about sexes
You know the male and females sexes,
The matching of opposites,
Sometimes not opposites;
You know, the finding of the ones who fit
Hmm… Let’s talk about marriage

The union of two,
For the creation of few;
The sacrifice of two,
For the creation of one;
The sacrifice of time and comfort,
For the comfort of a lifetime

For the stubborn at heart
Affixed on a singular task,
The eternal capture,
The winning of a heart;
Determination of a soul,
To become one with another;
The pursuit of being whole

A whole seen by everybody else?
A whole felt by no one else,
How long ‘til it works,
How long will it work,
How do you know if it fits,
How do you know if it’s it

Let’s talk about us,
The bond we share,
The gifts here,
Every present, every hair,
Even if you didn’t have hair

Show yourself to me,
Hmm… Marriage

An Odd Accent

Today a young stranger strolled in our yard. It was the cool evening part of overwhelmingly hot summer day. So hot that most, including my older sister, had ran errands in town already and where now resting. Patios and front lawns were vacant as far as eyes could see; and seeing as our dwelling had no fencing for the most part, the odd man made his way undisturbed. Well until he made it to the back, where I was. I too had spent the early morn on the town and was now inspired-ly engaged in a bout of hand washing in our backyard. He seemed surprised to see me as I pinned my rinsed garment to the line. He asked unwillingly if he could make his way pass to sit amidst the forest that lay beyond. There was dog food out for the neighbor’s hounds to consume, and one was keenly at it, so I told him no. He quizzed me as to why not and I informed him of the dogs and their frequent travels through that area to make it over for meals, messing, and such. He then asked for another route to the bushed area. He said really want to just sit. I assured him that he better not, to that notion I was supported by growls and barks from the said dogs. Their home was completely fenced so we shared that barrier through which they startled him. After much convincing on my part and thought by him, he made his way around my little cottage of a house. I trekked after him to see that he left, but he hadn’t met the road so I went back to the rear of the house. I noticed he only went around for a better path to which I warned him away. I suggested that since my other neighbors were not home he could journey through their forest for some solitude. I told him the way and paid due attention, even giving him pointers on best route because their terrain was much worse of that ours. He had to first climb a little hill that was heavily vegetated and then he would discovered the stony forest which I eluded him to earlier. He didn’t do so well with my instructions. He dillied and dallied around for sometime, confused to the best way forward. He asked about ghosts and any other creatures of which he should be worried. He seemed not to want to go as I told or even trust me at all. He eventually woke one the householders there, of which I had told him there was none. He was even more upset than confused now, for he spoke to her as if she was invading his mission. I called out to him; I had still been watching over his movements. He dismissed her every statement but surprisingly on my second beckoning he responded and made his way back to me. I asked if he knew his way home and if he was from around here. He answered that he was indeed from just across the way. I inquired once more if he could make his way back and he assured me he could. By this time, my sister was also woken and my cousin who had noticed my dialogue with him were affixed by the unfoldings. We all watched as he made his way back supposedly from whence he came. For some reason everyone thought us to be relations, even the neighbor thought so. A really odd young man indeed.

This Crazy Love Thing

Changes the world with A, a heartly smile, a peaking eye, a sneaky touch. a mix of things already there.

Really love isn’t very different From all the other mixes we take in mixes of lies and annoyance that create anger, or cocktails of ignorance and desire to feed lust, not so different from faith, hope, charity; Love isn’t different at all, then again everyone has their preferences.

Another thing about this crazy love thing is, Its not even a thing, You know like how humans or those mixes are things, Love is the only everything.

Zero tolerance it has for failing, it heals everyone, makes a soul a whole, not to mention all the instinct it resurrects, mostly the stupid animal ones like chasing, grabbing, fitting, longing; maybe just all the human hates about being an animal.

You see for me, Love is simply a world of change.

#Last Night 6811

Huni Baby Babe Honey Suga Suger Sweets! Sweetums Pumpkin!! Sweetypie Sugar dumplin!! Sugar cakes Sweet lips! Sweet neck Yummi cheeks Sweet tongue sexi bumm!!! Succulent nipples Fingers slides smoothly through your lovely head of hair. Eyes close in complete ecstasy feel completely relaxed, loving every stroke.. While rubbing your chest Stairs at her longingly as she closes her. Kissing her occasionally on her forehead. Wide grin comes across my face with every touch stroke and occasional kisses… My heart flutters with joy He knows he may not always be here, he knows to make every moment count. Sweet kisses up her hand, a trail of caressing tongue across her skin. She appreciates every moment know that these moments are amazingly special!! Loving the attention kisses him back starting at his head to his cheeks nose then sweet soft kisses on his lips loving the way the way they feel against hers He hasn’t felt his own heart in awhile, it struggles with this new impulse created by touch. He embraces her, holds her hands to steady himself. He tells her of the many lovers he’s had just to help him along the way. Some for comfort, status, talk, or money; he hadn’t loved their end was all the same. They often return, he never stayed one place for long. For he knew well of love’s twin deception and they worked well. He stopped to kiss her lips, her eyes where closed again as if in sleep. Not sleep but processing all that was just given to her. Open eyes and looks deep into his eyes searching He looks away searching his own soul. She could easily be devoured like the others, she could be kept around like some, who knows really. He returns to her gaze with smile. He tells more stories of things he’d say he did, really bad things, and afterwards he would some time after find himself doing. He understood so much, did so much but was moved by so little. He asked her if she knew why? No and she wanted to understand He held her closer, joking about his horridly misunderstood days at highschool. Playing with her ear as he paused to suck his tongue. Embracing the hug and smiling at his comfort, kisses his chest enjoying his company.. Jason: His eyes glisten, he breathes windfalls over her shoulder down her back. How much does she want him? What of him does she want? Could she ever conquer him? Will conquering him slay his lust or needs? Can he settle? What does she think of herself? Does she believe she is his answer? She lays her head on his chest just listening to his heart beat.. Know that she wants him, not just as a friend but more.. But not know if she can conquer him.. Know that he is amazing and complicated but is willing to work with.. She believes that she worth it.. She know that she is valuable but is scared to open up and find out that she isn’t the answer or that she isn’t wnoght…. She wonders will is this moment will last… Will this be constant or just random moments. Jason: I’ve spent so much time getting used to being alone and taking care of myself. I don’t always enjoy my company and have rebelled against my ideals to quell my urges. I’ll save myself but its my soul that I worry for. Lays on his back staring through her, ceilings to stars that know his name from all the nights he’s spent with them. I like your company.. I like you.. That’s the simple fact. She stares at him wanting him to know that I’m here.. Always and for ever!! Your soul is an admirable giving place that I believe will save you.. She lays down kisses his chest and listens to the melodic sound of his heart beating.. He stops his own heart from beating, smiles. She’s confused. He has taught love to everyone except myself. I’ve always hated people, the only way get over it by loving them. She wonders how he speaking and she can’t hear his heart. She pinches his nipple, “your cheating” she says. In shock and awe at the no heart beat.. She says.. Self love<3 is great.. Your amazing stop doubting yourself…. Love is always the key!! Please give me back my heartbeat, thanks. She lays back on his chest I’ve got a lot of those little self control tricks. You can the heartbeat back, you just gonna have to do without any penis. *raises up penis* Say hey his name is Oscar. Now say say good bye. *does a little push up thing with penis #end* Lmao!!! What!!!? Surprise. Confused If I turn you on, you cannot jump me. She winks I hear u! Runs tongue along her collarbone, kisses her chin. I’m teasing you and I you should like it. She smiles Mi liiiiiikkkkkkeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :* Grabs her hair, wrapping it around a couple fingers. Takes small nibbles of her glorious neck structure. With quickening heart beat she moans and smiles with excitement enjoying those sweet thick succulent lips..neck is a major turn on…. She pulls him close caressing and rubbing him as he pleases her.. He sucks on her ear lobe.Whispers “Not into that whole tongue in ear thing”…*slips back down licking lips, throat… As she laughs out loud cause neither is she.. she hold him close wanting to feel every inch of his luminous skin she kisses him…… :*. she clears her throat…… All things may not start perfect, all great nights end with the perfect kiss.